(S)BCC National Stakeholder Alignment Workshop

The purpose of this workshop was to align key HPN communication stakeholders/partners working in Bangladesh around a country-wide shared vision and an implementation plan or framework that would flow out of this vision. This type of workshop is useful: 1. When there are many public, private for profit and non profit entities and projects or programs sponsored by a variety of donors in a country, 2. When coordination efforts are weak or non existent and as a result everyone does their own thing, 3. When health messages are not consistent (i.e. exclusive breastfeeding for 4 month, 6 months), 4. When some parts of the country receive assistance from various groups while other are neglected, 5. When there is no shared vision, 6. When there is conflict about strategies and approaches, and 7. When the results are mediocre in light of investments.

This document describes the workshop and includes guidelines and structure which can be used in other countries, such as session topics, attendees, and timelines.

Last modified: March 25, 2019

Language: English