Small Group Facilitation for Young Married Women and First-time Parents in West Africa: Training for Facilitators

This training aims to impart the skills needed for peers to facilitate small groups of young married women and first-time parents, which can reduce these young women’s social isolation and increase knowledge of sexual and reproductive health. The training is designed for use in francophone West Africa, where a significant proportion of adolescent girls aged 15–19 and young women aged 20–24 are married or living in union, but it can easily be adapted for other settings.

A 2-day training, it is intended for young married women and first-time parents who will facilitate small groups of their peers, where they can discuss sexual and reproductive health and contraception, as well as participate in activities (using the GREAT Activity Cards) that help them build problem-solving skills and better negotiate the pressures they face to have children.

This module should supplement a broader training in adolescent and youth sexual and reproductive health. Alternatively, it could be integrated into a broader AYSRH training. The module covers topics including healthy timing and spacing of pregnancy, small group facilitation, and the particular challenges and pressures concerning childbearing faced by young married women and first-time parents. The training consists of trainer presentations (slides included) and numerous participatory small and large group activities.

Last modified: August 3, 2020

Language: English, French