Social and Behavior Change Capacity Assessment Tool for Individuals [Facilitator’s Guide and Assessment Tool]

The Social and Behavior Change Communication– Capacity Assessment Tool (SBCC‐CAT) for Individuals helps assess the impact of capacity strengthening efforts and inform further capacity strengthening assistance that may be appropriate at the individual level.

This tool is used to assess the SBCC knowledge and competence of individuals and how successful a specific training has been for them. Individuals about to take an SBCC training fill in the pre‐assessment provided in this document, then fill in the post‐assessment right after completing the training. The questions and items are the same for both assessments. Individuals completing a successful training and filling in the post‐assessment will answer a higher number of questions correctly and rate their own SBCC competencies at increased levels.

Last modified: August 9, 2021

Language: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish