Stakeholder Engagement

The Stakeholder Engagement tool is a matrix framework and process for:

  • Identifying stakeholders. The tool helps identify individuals and groups that are stakeholders in an M&E activity, either as contributors, influencers or beneficiaries.
  • Defining their roles and resources. The tool provides a structured way to define the roles that stakeholders play in the activity, and assess the resources they could bring to bear.
  • Identifying dynamics among stakeholders. The tool also provides a framework for assessing the interests, knowledge, positions, alliances, resources, power,and importance of various stakeholders. Who will resist the initiative? Who will support it? What are their reasons?
  • Setting the optimum stakeholder group. The tool helps assess which stakeholders to include in the process by determining the relative priority of stakeholders. Which stakeholders have the highest priority?
  • Creating an engagement plan. The tool helps the user develop an engagement plan by providing examples of stakeholders engaged in pre-project briefings, project design, project execution, and follow-up activities.
  • Tracking stakeholder engagement. Finally, the tool helps ensure that stakeholders are engaged as appropriate throughout all of the project phases, including the post-project follow-up that is so often overlooked.

This tool was developed from extensive experience with healthcare and population planning issues in Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean.

Last modified: March 25, 2019

Language: English