Virtual Business Planning for Health Programs (VBPH)

The Virtual Business Planning for Health Program (VBPH) equips organizations to develop a sound business plan to advance its mission. Participants learn how to capture and package new ideas, identify target markets, and determine the best complement of staff to design and launch the new product or service. The VBPH helps non-governmental organizations (NGOs) navigate the financial aspects of a business plan, projecting both social and financial return on investment. The tools and techniques applied during the program simplify the complexities of business planning, while helping participants balance their enthusiasm with market realities. Included is information on how to: 1. Describe the unique features of their organization to engage a prospective funder or investor, 2. Generate and articulate a business opportunity, 3. Assess a potential market and design a marketing plan, 4. Identify the design team and implementation schedule, 5. Estimate financial needs, 6. Project financial and social return on investment, and 7. Approach donors and funders for financing VBPH Content.

Last modified: March 25, 2019

Language: English