Visualization in Participatory Programs: A Manual for Facilitators and Trainers Involved In Participatory Group Events

Visualization in Participatory Programs, or VIPP, is a people centered approach to planning, training and other group events.

Based on a philosophy of trusting in the capacities and creativity of human beings, it combines techniques of visualization with methods for interactive learning. VIPP methods democratize the interaction between people.This manual helps facilitators engage and work with groups. At the core of VIPP is the use of a large number of multi-coloured paper cards of different shapes and sizes on which the participants express their main ideas in large enough letters or diagrams to be seen by the whole group.

This is a manual for facilitators and trainers involved in: Planning for social mobilization, Planning and revising development projects, Putting research into action, Management planning and team building, Business meetings, Information markets, Story line planning, Training workshops, Curricula development, Village-level development work, and Conflict management and resolution.

Last modified: September 30, 2021

Language: English