Women and Girls Health and Rights Power Model

The Women and Girls Health and Rights Power Model (Power Model) and accompanying project planning materials were developed by White Ribbon Alliance (WRA) to support the advocacy and community engagement efforts of WRA National Alliances and other partners and stakeholders.

The Power Model spans the advocacy continuum, from social and behavior change (SBC) to political advocacy, to spark change across households, communities, and countries. It is unique in that it assumes women and girls are inherently powerful and that there is no greater force for change when placed at the very center, determining project priorities, designing programs and making decisions. The Power Model is underpinned by the following beliefs about women’s and girls’ leadership

Successful implementation of the Power Model is intended to immediately result in improved health access, behaviors and decision-making. Yet, at its deepest level, it is an ongoing challenge to the accepted power structures which frequently hinder women and girls and the fulfilment of their rights.

This workbook includes a series of instructions and worksheets to help guide women and girls in applying the Power Model to identify changes they themselves would like to see and ways a project can best support them to realize their desired changes.

Last modified: September 3, 2020

Language: English