Youth Peer Education Tookit: Theatre-Based Techniques for Youth Peer Education: A Training Manual

The Peer Education Toolkit is a group of resources designed to help program managers and master trainers of peer educators. The five parts of the toolkit are based on research and evidence from the field as well as local examples and experiences. This manual is intended for program managers and youth peer educators who are interested in adding a theatre component to their reproductive health and HIV prevention activities or in strengthening a theatre component that is already part of a program. The manual has five sections: ■ Section 1. Starting with the Basics ■ Section 2. Four Peer Theater Training Workshops ■ Section 3. More Theater Games and Exercises ■ Section 4. Advanced Peer Theater Programs ■ Section 5. Annexes, including a list of theatrical terms for peer education, a handout about the stages of adolescence, suggested resources, and sources.

Last modified: October 15, 2021

Language: English