Youth Peer Education Toolkit: Training of Trainers Manual

The Peer Education Toolkit is a group of resources designed to help program managers and master trainers of peer educators. The five parts of the toolkit are based on research and evidence from the field as well as local examples and experiences.

This manual provides a comprehensive training programme that can be used by ‘master’ level peer educators and trainers. Activities were developed based on experience in the field during subregional workshops, on evidence from the literature, and from successful Y-PEER peer education programmes. The manual uses participatory techniques based on a variety of theoretical frameworks to ensure that future trainers of peer educators are skilled and confident in their abilities to train peer educators and
serve as informed resources for their peers. It also explains how the work of peer educators fits within a systematic approach to behaviour change on individual and societal levels. Special attention is given to gender and cultural sensitivity and to youth participation in health education.

This training curriculum focuses on sexual and reproductive health and the prevention and management of HIV, other STIs, and substance abuse.

Last modified: July 23, 2021

Language: English