-Human Centered Design

Transform/PHARE is a USAID funded five-year project that introduces innovative practices from marketing, advertising, human-centered design and behavioral economics to strengthen health-related behavior change programming.

This site provides six important tips to ue when prototyping a service. Prototyping is the creation of a model of what a design will look like in order to test its workability.  It is such a powerful tool because a team can organize a service around the needs of the end consumer.

This video walks the view through a hospital and offers "bubbles" of information over the heads of hsopital staff, family members and patients so that the medical professionals get a better idea of their fears, thoughts, and hopes.  It was shown by the CEO of the Cleveland Clinic to a general meeting of staff in 2013.  

This toolkit is a set of activities and methods that enables groups of people anywhere to organize, collaborate, and create solutions for problems affecting their community.  

This compilation is intended as an active toolkit to support design thinking practice. The guide is not just to read , but is intended to encourage the reader to try these tools in the field and improve the toolkit by adding to it.