Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health

Le plan SRMNIA-N 2020-2024 a pour vision de faire en sorte qu’à l’horizon 2024, ‘’ toutes les mères, les nouveaux nés, les enfants et les adolescents/Jeunes, bénéficient d’un accès optimal aux soins et aux services SRMNIA-N de qualité d’une manière efficiente, équitable, fondé sur les droits humains avec la pleine participation de tous’’.

This report comes at a critical moment. 2021 will be a Nutrition for Growth ‘year of action’. It will offer multiple opportunities for governments, donors, the United Nations (UN) and other multilateral agencies, NGOs and businesses and leaders around the world to build momentum, make sure nutrition is high on political agendas and make the commitments urgently needed to end malnutrition for all.

Access to quality and affordable Family planning {FP) services is crucial in improving Maternal and Child health (MCH) indices in Nigeria. High quality FP services is a key determinant of contraceptive uptake, and availability of a full range of commodities enables a woman to make an informed decision and increases contraceptive uptake and continuation. 

In-clinic mobilization is an activity conducted in the health facility during antenatal, post-natal and immunization clinics to increase family planning use by reaching women and couples with family planning information and messages during pregnancy and after delivery.