COVID-19 Guidance

This tool is designed to support risk communication, community engagement (RCCE) staff and responders working with national health authorities, and other partners to develop, implement and monitor an effective action plan for communicating effectively with the public, engaging with communities, local partners and other stakeholders to help prepare and protect individuals, families and the public’s health during early response to COVID-19.

This document provides WHO checklists for risk communication and community engagement (RCCE) readiness and initial response for novel coronaviruses (nCoV) recently identified in Wuhan, China (2019-nCoV).

The objective of this document is to provide actionable guidance for countries to implement effective RCCE strategies which will help protect the public’s health in the early response to nCoV. This document includes recommended RCCE goals and actions for countries preparing for nCoV cases and for countries that have confirmed -nCoV cases.

This page offers links to WHO's technical guidance regarding the coronavirus.  Included are links to: country readiness, surveillance and case definitions, laboratory guidance, patient management, infection prevention and control in health care facilities, early investigations, risk communication and community engagement, disease commodity package, and reduction of transmissions from animals to humans.  The page is updated frequently.