Project Example

Afghan Safe Migration

Afghans engage in migration through irregular means due to a multiplicity of factors such as the continued and worsening security and economic situation in Afghanistan, lack of rights, high unemployment, and environmental hazards.

The Afghan Safe Migration project supported Afghan diaspora organizations in Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands to deliver protection information based on the needs among potential and current migrants from Afghanistan.

The required information was determined through research and data collection, including in-depth consultations with Afghan diaspora groups in Europe, migrants en route, prospective migrants, and returnees in Afghanistan. The capacity of Afghan diaspora organizations engaged in providing protection information was increased, and networks were established, to ensure targeted messages and information on protection assistance in English, Farsi/Dari, and Pashto to strengthen safe and protective migration environments for vulnerable people from Afghanistan.

Visit the “Safe Migration Information for Afghans” web page for more information.

Source: Danish Refugee Council

Date of Publication: January 12, 2023