Gyan Jyoti - Generating FP Demand via Mobile Phones


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Rapid Assessment

At this time a rapid assessment was carried out to determine the availability of feature/ multimedia phones and the handset capability to support screening AV content

Deployment of SD cards

In June 2014 the SD cards were deployed, loaded with AV content in Bihar (38 districts) and Odisha (30 districts)

Adaptation of Nigeria OppiaMobile System

From June-August 2014 the team carried out the adaptation of Nigeria's OppiaMobile System to meet the needs of Project Ujjwal

Design Workshop with ASHA Workers

In September 2014, a design workshop was held with 14 ASHAs, and included pretesting of prototype and co-development

Revisions to Prototype Based on ASHA Recommendations

From November 2014 to April 2015, revisions were made to the prototype based on ASHA feedback. There was also field testing & troubleshooting of the revised app.

Post-assessment Survey

This survey involved a three-armed study: SD cards with training, SD cards without training, and traditional tools.

Final App Version Ready

The app was finalized for scale-up - and is available on Google Play

Conducted Post Assessment Survey
The ‘Gyan Jyoti’ app made me smart and I get confidence when I visit my area for counselling,
Anita Kumari, an ASHA who made approximately 600 home visits; using the app, 70 of her clients decided to use FP within 6 months