Communication for Indoor Residual Spraying

The purpose of this toolkit for strategic IRS communication is to help ensure IRS exercises in Uganda are complemented with proven communication approaches. The toolkit was developed to consider lessons learned from previous exercises and includes tools and materials already approved and used by the Malaria Control Program. The toolkit is organized into six modules each of which outlines a key step to implementing IRS communication, including:

  1. Assessment, planning, and budgeting Pg. 47 – 55
  2. Materials Production and Distribution Planning Pg. 56 – 67
  3. Orienting Spray Operators in communication and information dissemination Pg. 68 – 72
  4. District Community Mobilization Pg. 73 – 83
  5. Monitoring, evaluation, and follow-up. The entire process is guided by the National Communication Strategy for IRS, 2008. Pg. 84 – 85

Last modified: August 25, 2023

Source: Johns Hopkins Center for Communication

Year of Publication: 2023