Designing and Implementing Integrated Approaches to Population, Health and Environment (PHE): Training Materials

The training materials in this package consist of the following: 1) Facilitator’s Guide, 2) Participant Manual, 3) A case study from the Philippines.

Also included are the following PowerPoint Presentations –

  1. Program Design in Population, Health and Environment, Session 1
  2. Commonalities, Conditions and Characteristics of PHE Projects, Session 2
  3. Conceptual Model, Session 3
  4. Setting Project Goals, Objectives and Strategies, Session 4
  5. Selecting PHE Interventions, Session 5
  6. Identifying Indicators, Session 6
  7. PHE Implementation Models and Mechanisms, Session 7
  8. Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E), Session 8
  9. Back Home Application, Session 9

Last modified: October 17, 2021

Language: English