Developing Social and Behavior Change Costing Guidelines

Breakthrough RESEARCH, through work led by Avenir Health, has developed social and behavior change costing guidelines, which lay out the principles for social and behavior change (SBC) costing and give guidance to enhance the quality of future SBC costing work.

Costing is the process of data collection and analysis for estimating the cost of a health intervention. High-quality cost data on SBC are critical not only for developing budgets, planning, and assessing program proposals, but can also feed into advocacy, program prioritization, and agenda setting. To better serve these data needs, these guidelines aim to increase the quantity and quality of SBC costing information.

The “Guidelines for Costing of Social and Behavior Change Health Interventions” provides a framework for estimating the cost of interventions for SBC, which seek to change health behaviors by addressing factors such as knowledge, attitudes, and norms.

Last modified: April 16, 2021

Language: English