DHIS2 Software Operational Guideline Nepal

DHIS2 is a tool for collection, validation, analysis, and presentation of aggregate and patient-based statistical data, tailored (but not limited) to integrated health information management activities. It is a generic tool rather than a pre-configured database application, with an open meta-data model and a flexible user interface that allows the user to design the contents of a specific information system without the need for programming. DHIS2 is a modular web-based software package built with free and open source Java frameworks.

This particular set of guidelines was created for Nepal but can be applied to other country settings as well. In fact, the DHIS2 has been used in more than 40 countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Ghana, Liberia, and Bangladesh have adopted DHIS2 as their nation-wide HIS software.

The key features of DHIS2 that would be useful for SBC program monitoring are as follows:

  • Customisation and local adaptation through the user interface. No programming required to start using DHIS2 in a new setting (country, region, district etc.).
  • Provide data entry tools which can either be in the form of standard lists or tables, or can be customised to replicate paper forms.
  • Provide different kinds of tools for data validation and improvement of data quality.
  • Provide easy to use – one-click reports with charts and tables for selected indicators or summary reports using the design of the data collection tools. Allow for integration with popular external report design tools (e.g. JasperReports) to add more custom or advanced reports.
  • Flexible and dynamic (on-the-fly) data analysis in the analytics modules (i.e. GIS, PivotTables,Data Visualizer, Event reports, etc).
  • A user-specific dashboard for quick access to the relevant monitoring and evaluation tools including indicator charts and links to favourite reports, maps and other key resources in the system.

Last modified: May 28, 2019

Language: English