The Future of Malaria Social and Behavior Change Communication

HC3 created a suite of materials to help malaria professionals design more effective communication strategies and SBCC campaigns. This webinar series, led by HC3 staff, focused on how to apply HC3’s studies, guidance documents, implementation kits and other malaria SBCC products and tools to PMI staff and partners’ current work and future plans.

The series was broken into three webinars, each highlighting tools and resources for different stages of malaria SBCC work:

  • June 27th: Tools to Inform Strategy Development
  • August 3rd: Monitoring to Ensure Impact
  • September 6th: The Future of Malaria SBCC

This webinar, The Future of Malaria SBCC, consists of three presentations.

  1. The Roll Back Malaria Strategic Framework for Malaria SBCC (2017-2030): Presented by Mike Toso (HC3)
  2. The Roll Back Malaria Malaria SBCC Indicator Reference Guide: Presented by Angela Acosta (VectorWorks)
  3. Malaria Elimination: SBC Considerations for areas transitioning from high and moderate transmission to areas of low, very low, and zero malaria transmission: Presented by Mike Toso (HC3)

Last modified: April 13, 2020

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