Gender Integration Continuum Training Session User’s Guide

The Gender Integration Continuum Training Session User’s Guide is a tool to help new and experienced gender trainers plan, prepare for, and facilitate the Gender Integration Continuum training session.

It includes a heavily scripted facilitator guide and helpful processing questions, suggestions, and trainer notes to ensure attainment of training objectives. It builds upon the training session that was developed by the USAID Bureau for Global Health’s Interagency Gender Working Group (IGWG) in 2002. It cab be used in tandem with the accompanying PowerPoint of 18 slides and the Project Scenarios Bank.

The Gender Integration Continuum offers the participants a tangible way to explore integrating gender into their projects. As gender is sometimes seen as an abstract concept, or a concept that only applies to women, the Continuum helps to make the concepts of gender and gender integration more concrete. It is a useful visual framework and easy to understand, so participants can “see” what gender integration looks like in programming, across a spectrum of approaches, and how this affects women and men, girls and boys.

Last modified: June 27, 2019

Language: English