Working Within the Food System: Gender Considerations for Achieving Improved Diets

Investments should enhance women’s roles in agriculture and off-farm livelihoods; provide workplace support to offset risks to household nutrition; and ensure opportunities for income generation, decision-making, and control over household income. Investments should also increase access to high-quality social and behavior change activities, and engage men and boys to address gender norms that restrict food system participation.

The brief suggests how to take evidence-based actions that consider gender when designing and implementing approaches to improve diets for all through the food system. It offers ideas across the food system for promoting gender equality while improving diets. The brief reinforces the importance of considering the programming context to prioritize actions that address barriers and support practices most likely to impact diet and nutrition outcomes.

Last modified: January 2, 2024

Language: English

Source: USAID Advancing Nutrition

Year of Publication: 2022