Gender Integration in Social and Behavior Change

This document is a review of recent SBC-focused program literature that highlight the integration of gender considerations into health and non-health SBC interventions. Eight promising gender integration practices were identified and found to be operationalized at different levels of the Socio-Ecological Model for Change and were mutually reinforcing. When employed, these practices can strengthen gender integration and mainstreaming efforts in SBC programming.

The practices are as follows:

  1. Use a gender lens throughout the SBC program cycle to improve outcomes.
  2. Synchronize gender strategies to ensure the inclusion of men and women, and boys and girls.
  3. Address gendered health disparities that affect the use of services.
  4. Reduce harmful traditional practices.
  5. Ensure community involvement and accountability for the promotion of gender equality.
  6. Consider gender dimensions during emergency preparedness and response.
  7. Account for the intersecting gendered vulnerabilities that influence health and development outcomes.
  8. Build organizational capacity and systems for gender integration using a continuous learning approach

Last modified: March 30, 2023

Language: English

Source: Population Council

Year of Publication: 2020