From Global Coordination to Local Strategies A Practical Approach to Prevent, Address and Document Domestic Violence under COVID-19 Briefing Paper

With 90 countries in lockdown and nearly four billion people sheltering at home from the COVID-19 pandemic, domestic violence has become an epidemic within an epidemic. In response, UN Secretary General Guterres called for a global “ceasefire” on domestic violence, lending high-level support to this long-standing demand.

This brief contains a brief compilation of recommended programmatic changes or inputs that draw from women’s grassroots organizations’ experiences and actions in settings of conflict or disaster throughout the globe. These activities can be adopted to prevent, address, and document domestic violence in various contexts in the face of the COVID-19 crisis. Local and national organizations should take advantage of a variety of forms of these communications, in order to reach the widest audience and ensure accessibility

Last modified: July 21, 2020

Language: English