Healthy Timing and Spacing Of Pregnancy: A Trainer’s Reference Guide

This guide is to be used as a resource for trainers in developing in-service training for facility-based healthcare providers and community health workers (chws) who already have some basic experience with and understanding of FP/RH. This is not a training manual, but a reference guide which can be used and adapted by trainers based on whether or not trainees are facility-based or community-based.

There are five training sessions that a trainer can easily integrate into existing training. HTSP training will enable providers to disseminate up-to-date and correct information and education on the health and social benefits of HTSP as part of FP/RH counseling and other health services. This information can help women better use FP to delay, space or limit their pregnancies, within a context of informed contraceptive choice.

Last modified: April 5, 2022

Language: English