Household Survey Indicators for Malaria Control

The purpose of this manual is to provide detailed specifications for the indicators that can be measured through household surveys and the data that is required for their construction, as well as the issues related to their interpretation. Details of the data collection methods required for estimating these indicators through national level household surveys are also provided.

This manual is intended to maximize internal consistency and comparability of the indicators and the types of data collection methods used across countries and over time.

This manual begins with a brief discussion of the basic principles of monitoring and evaluation. It then discusses the different types of household surveys commonly used in monitoring and evaluation of malaria programs. Issues
related to measurement, as well as interpretation of indicators from household surveys, are then discussed. The manual concludes with detailed guidelines for constructing each indicator; outcome indicators are organized by
intervention and are followed by impact indicators. A brief explanation of each intervention is provided.

Last modified: March 25, 2019

Language: English