Improving Health Care Quality e-Course

A range of different approaches have been applied to health care to improve health care — from developing standards and guidelines, supervision, training, process improvement, audit, and feedback to large-scale collaborative improvement and accreditation. However, the range of approaches has created confusion among public health professionals, Ministry of Health officials, and healthcare providers.

As a result, proven clinical interventions known to lead to better health outcomes are not consistently practiced by healthcare workers. Poorly organized care delivery systems mean that evidence-based interventions are not provided to every patient every time they are needed.

This course aims to introduce learners to principles and approaches that can help healthcare workers continually improve the work that they do. It will help to demystify improving health care, and its underlying principles, and provide an overview of different approaches to improve health care. The course will introduce a wide range of methods to improve quality and then focus on process improvement which has a large body of evidence in USAID-assisted countries.

Last modified: February 19, 2024

Language: English

Source: Global Health eLearning Center

Year of Publication: 2015