Inoculation Against Misinformation

This webinar was the third part of a three-part series, Vaccination Misinformation Control and Prevention. The webinar was held in December 2020. This page offers the presentations and recording from the webinar.

The key takeaways from the webinar were:

  • To inoculate against misinformation, we can “prebunk” or warn people of its circulation and expose misinformation fallacies
  • We need to understand root causes that make individuals susceptible to misinformation through mechanisms by which individuals cognitively look for solutions to their problems
  • We tend to delegate our higher cognition to people we think know better, referred to as our “cognitive tribe”
  • Strategies to address misinformation include defining the rumor, tracking and analyzing data, collecting facts to prepare accurate information and targeting key stakeholders
  • Solutions to identify and counter misinformation must comprise engaged and organic interaction in order to deliver persuasive messaging
  • Science communication should utilize, improve upon and blend modes of persuasion
  • Community engagement, advocacy and social mobilization are critical to addressing misinformation
  • Key stakeholders should be part of the conversation to successfully fight misinformation

Last modified: September 30, 2021

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