ITN Access and Use Report

This site provides decision-makers with key ITN indicators, focusing on use of and access to ITNs.

This main page features a world map identifying all the countries included in the report with their most recent survey data for the ITN use:access ratio (an estimate of the proportion of the population using nets, among those that have access to one within their household), ITN use, ITN access, and ownership of at least one ITN.

For a full country profile, the user can click on a country on the map. Using data from Demographic and Health Surveys, Malaria Indicator Surveys, and Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys, this site present determinants of ITN use, including geographic location, rainfall patterns, age, gender, urban/rural residence, and wealth quintile on each country page. The user can scroll past the map to find trends in ITN use behaviors over time.

Last modified: August 31, 2019

Language: English