Making the Business Case for Social and Behavior Change in Family Planning

The “Business Case for Social and Behavior Change (SBC) in Family Planning” synthesizes the SBC cost literature and SBC effectiveness literature in family planning to demonstrate the cost-effectiveness of SBC and the pathways through which effectiveness is achieved.

Costing is the process of data collection and analysis for estimating the cost of a health intervention. High-quality cost data on SBC are critical not only for developing budgets, planning, and assessing program proposals, but can also feed into advocacy, program prioritization, and agenda setting. To better serve these data needs, the “Guidelines for Costing of Social and Behavior Change Health Interventions” aim to increase the quantity and quality of SBC costing information.

To develop the SBC for family planning business case, Breakthrough RESEARCH drew on nearly 200 studies assessing SBC effectiveness and/or costs across a range of countries. The business case looks at both the indirect impact of SBC interventions via intermediate outcomes such as attitudes toward and communication around family planning, and the direct impact of SBC interventions on modern contraceptive use.

The business case models are being applied to specific country settings and other health topics, including Guinea, Niger, Togo, and Zambia.

Last modified: April 16, 2021

Language: English