Measures to Ensure the Continuity of the Response to Malaria in the Americas during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The PAHO Regional Malaria Program is aware of the imminent negative impact that the present COVID-19 pandemic is causing in the countries and their health systems, and consequently, in the fight against malaria in the countries of the Americas; considers that it is essential to guide national authorities; and draws attention to the main measures to be taken to maintain the continuity of actions against malaria, while protecting the health of healthcare workers and in line with national provisions for response to COVID-19. Malaria-specific guidance on the response to COVID-19 has been developed by WHO1 and is the main reference for this document.

This material is subject to updates by WHO and PAHO on malaria and on the COVID-19 response.

Last modified: July 21, 2020

Language: English