PAHO urges countries to maintain vaccination during COVID-19 pandemic

Vaccinating to prevent serious respiratory illness from flu and stop measles outbreaks is key to protecting people while helping health systems focus on the response to COVID-19. Some 17 countries in the Americas have reported they are using the Vaccination Week in the Americas platform to vaccinate against influenza, and other 17 plan to vaccinate against measles.

Three countries in the Americas – Argentina, Brazil and Mexico – are currently battling measles outbreaks, as well as dealing with COVID-19 cases. PAHO has recommended that primary health care providers vaccinate against measles while taking measures to protect communities and health care workers from COVID-19.

Immunization continues to be an essential service that must continue to keep people healthy and reduce burdens on health services so they can respond more effectively to COVID-19.

Last modified: April 27, 2020

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