PROGRES_SBCC Costing Template

This costing template is used to lay out the various potential costs related to SBCC programming, and is part of the Program for Organizational Growth, Resilience and Sustainability for Social and Behavior Change Communications Organizations (PROGRES_SBCC).

PROGRES_SBCC is a participatory organizational assessment process that helps civil society organizations (CSOs) and government institutions identify areas requiring support to foster sustainability and resilience. It can also be adapted for use by organizations working in areas outside of health. It was developed to be administered by or with a broad range of CSOs and governmental and other organizations that undertake social and behavior change communications activities to measure organizational capacity. It can also be used by development organizations and agencies, including government line ministries.

PROGRES_SBCC gathers data on an organization’s capacity along a broad range of performance parameters. It then formulates these into 12 organizational capacity domains: eight core and four optional domains. Assessment of the latter will depend on the mandate of the organization being assessed.

PROGRES_SBCC is used to measure, monitor and evaluate changes in organizational capacity as a result of capacity strengthening interventions. PROGRES_SBCC assesses CSOs and government institutions working in health and health-related areas. The tool is designed to assess organizational capabilities to enhance performance toward achieving organizational goals

Attached is one Excel file with both a blank template and a sample template, completed for a fictitious project.

Last modified: October 29, 2021

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