Provider Behavior Change Toolkit

Provider Behavior Change Communications (PBCC) are one-to-one interactions between PSI representatives and providers that are designed to positively influence provider behaviors by offering individualized solutions to both needs and barriers to behavior change. This toolkit follows best practices from the pharmaceutical industry.

Modules are as follows:

  • Module 1 provides guidance around staffing and structure. It discusses the two main options for organizing a PBCC team, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of both, and provides sample job descriptions and interview questions to identify the right candidate. It also discusses the importance of segmenting providers so that they can be prioritized for call routing.
  • Module 2 contains manuals and workshop tools for developing PBCC messages and materials. It includes a PBCC Framework Facilitation Guide to guide message development, a guidance on creating and using visual aids, and examples of messages and materials from programs in reproductive health, medical abortion, post-abortion care, and tuberculosis.
  • Module 3 outlines workshops to build the skills of PBCC representatives to deliver messages, such as an initial workshop on PBCC core concepts , a workshop to guide participants through segmenting and prioritizing providers, and a series of half-day workshops on communicating and building relationships with providers.
  • Module 4 comprises a series of manuals and workbooks focused on building supervisors’ skills to manage and coach PBCC representatives.

There is also a Mini toolkit which focuses solely in IUDs.

Last modified: March 25, 2019

Language: English