Rapid Knowledge, Practices and Coverage (KPC) Survey Gender Module

The Knowledge, Practice and Coverage survey tool (KPC) is designed to be used for rapid small population household surveys for integrated programs that are linked to communities. It is a flexible tool that allows for surveys to be tailored to various technical areas and combination of areas, while maintaining standards for collection of information for specific interventions.

The KPC is a planning, monitoring and evaluation tool designed to help implementers of integrated maternal and child survival programs understand the health situation at a local level (such as a district or region) and measure progress toward program objectives. It can be used to assess whether intervention coverage varies across different vulnerable groups, and information with it provides an important input for decision making.

The tool consists of a background questionnaire; a generic protocol (which can form the basis for protocols for specific surveys); and eight technical modules.

The Gender Module yields information about women’s and men’s roles in household activities, household decisionmaking, decision-making for women’s and children’s health care, and attitudes around gender norms. Different from other knowledge, practices, and coverage (KPC) modules, the gender module is designed to measure health outcomes that were targeted by program interventions and more general gendered dimensions that may influence health practices but may not have been directly targeted by program interventions.

It aims to provide program implementers with a better understanding of how gender-based attitudes, norms, roles, and behaviors may affect health-seeking behaviors and health outcomes in the program area. Understanding this context is crucial for integrating gender in program design as well as better enabling families and communities to practice healthy behaviors and to seek and access health services.

This module also differs from other KPC modules in that it includes a questionnaire for both women and men. Guidance for sampling both men and women is included in the KPC generic protocol.

Last modified: March 25, 2019

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