SBCC Mapping Tool for Assessment

The SBCC Mapping Tool is a process for improving an organization’s capacity to design, implement and evaluate social and behavior change communication programs. This tool can be used in conjunction with the PROGRES_SBCC assessment to help organizations better understand fundamental organizational requirements, management systems and structures to ensure long term sustainability of the organization.

The SBCC Mapping Tool allows an organization’s leadership—the director and senior managers—to put in motion a change process that involves staff from all the major divisions of the organization, as well as other key stakeholders who could contribute to an assessment. Working together they will:

  • Assess the current status of five (5) domains of programmatic SBCC
  • Identify feasible changes that can make the organization more effective
  • Develop specific plans to implement these changes
  • Generate the staff buy-in needed to support the management improvements
  • Monitor the results over time

The tool gathers data on an organization’s capacity to do SBCC along a broad range of performance parameters. It comprises five (5) SBCC programmatic components or domains:

  • Social and behavior change communication
  • Mobile Technology
  • Social and User-Generated Media
  • Advocacy
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

Each domain includes a set of sub-domains. The domains and sub-domains in the tool are designed to be adaptable according to the organization’s context. The sub-domains drill down into various aspects of the domains. Gender is integrated appropriately throughout the tool. Each sub-domain has a description and there are four possible stages at which the organization can be relating to this. The facilitators and participants should select the stage for which they feel the tool accurately reflects the stage of the organization at the time of the workshop.

Last modified: March 25, 2019

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