Technical Brief: Using SMS and IVR-Based Surveys during COVID-19

This technical brief is intended to serve as guidance for systematically administering Short Message Service (SMS) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR)-based surveys to collect data from a stratified sample of participants. The brief includes a number of reference documents and resource people to contact for additional information.

Remote mobile data collection offers a way to rapidly collect key data to support decision-making, which is especially needed during a pandemic. SMS- or IVRbased data collection can reach respondents in near real time and provide results from a stratified sample that aligns with national demographics within days. Furthermore, regular data collection, such as multiple rounds of surveys, offers a means by which to reassess the situation on the ground; identify progress on key determinants, or lack thereof; and potentially explore how the communication efforts impacted behaviors over time.

Last modified: June 12, 2020

Language: English