Project Example

Decision-making Tool for FP Clients and Providers

This is a multipurpose decision-making aid for clients: a decision-making aid for clients, a job-aid and reference manual for providers; a training resource. Its format allows easy interaction with clients – one page faces the client (with simple information on key issues for the client to consider) and a corresponding page faces the provider (with key points and detailed reference information). Health-care providers can use it step-by-step to help clients make informed choices that suit their needs.

It is accompanied by a guide which gives detailed guidance on adaptation of the Decision-Making Tool (DMT), including both recommended and possible adaptations. It gives an extensive introduction to the tool, outlining the rationale for its content and format. It is also accompanied by a training guide which contains three training modules to be used by program managers and trainers who are introducing the tool into their programs. The core module introduces the tool to providers and trains them in how to use it. There are 2 supplementary modules that train providers on (1) counseling and communication skills and (2) a contraceptive technology update.

Source: World Health Organization

Date of Publication: April 13, 2020