Project Example

Lessons Learned about the Introduction of Sayana Press in Madagascar

This study details the impact of the introduction of Sayana Press, an injectable contraceptive, in Madagascar. The study began in 2015.

Within the project, Sayana Press was made available in 22 regions through 5 Marie Stopes International (MSI) channels. These were; MSI’s centres, social franchised providers, MS Ladies, MSI trained public health facilities, and rural community health workers.

During the project 109,316 units of Sayana Press were administered to clients and 1,204 providers were trained in Sayana press administration. The study took place from May to September 2017 and surveyed 514 clients and 87 providers. The study was a quantitative survey focusing on experience and perceptions of clients and providers with Sayana Press and self-injection.

The study identified that while the majority of providers and clients were confident with Sayana Press through provider administration, 80% of both providers and clients did not support the idea of self-injection. This was primarily due to the belief that it should only be administered by medical professionals.

Source: Marie Stopes International

Date of Publication: September 4, 2020