Project Example

The Malawi National Malaria Communication Strategy 2022-2030

This National Malaria Communication Strategy (NMCS) articulates the role SBC will play in the implementation of Malawi’s National Malaria Strategic Plan.

In the years since the 2017-2022 National Malaria Strategic Plan, Malawi has developed a broader set of National Health Communication guidelines, which are outlined in the HSSP III. As this overall strategy outlines how all partners are to integrate their activities and implement under the same set priorities, the new National Malaria Strategic Plan and this accompanying National Malaria Communication Strategy achieve the same goals: the facilitation of behavior change among individuals, households, and communities towards the adoption of positive health behaviors through effective communication, health promotion, interpreted health services, collaboration, evidence-based interventions, equity, social inclusion, and community empowerment and participation.

Source: Malawi Ministry of Health, Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs, USAID

Date of Publication: July 28, 2023