Project Example

Women’s Empowerment Group Operational Guidelines

The Breakthrough ACTION-Nigeria Women’s Empowerment Group creates a safe space for women and strengthens their capacity and agency to:

  • Practice priority health behaviors
  • Engage in discussion and decision making confidently with their spouses
  • Participate in economic empowerment activities

The Women’s Empowerment Group approach was developed based on insights arising from a formative assessment that many women do not have the agency or ability to make decisions—and act—on issues related to pregnancy, childbirth, and child health care. The Women’s Empowerment Group brings together 15–35 women who are committed to their health and the well-being of their children, and family. The women are also willing to work together on financial empowerment through savings and loans and by learning new skills. The group’s operational guidelines provide step-by-step instructions on implementing the Women’s Empowerment Group model. The guidelines are designed for use by any group, organization, or individual interested in systematically supporting and promoting women’s empowerment, with a focus on health-related issues.

Source: Breakthrough ACTION Nigeria - Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs

Date of Publication: November 8, 2023