Handbook for Communication on the Rational Use of Antimicrobials for the containment of resistance

This resource contains tools for developing communication strategies based on the social-ecological model for behavior change. Detailed information is provided on the factors involved in the decision to prescribe, dispense, and use antimicrobials; target audiences are analyzed, including what is expected of them; and several key messages are shared that are tailored to each audience.

This handbook also proposes four strategic lines of action to consider when implementing a communication strategy: health education; dissemination through mass media; community activities and events; and advocacy. In addition, each line of action lists different interventions and activities to be implemented at different levels of the social-ecological model to increase public awareness about the problem of antimicrobial resistance and motivate behavior change. It also describes possible communication channels for disseminating key messages to target audiences and provides a plan to monitor and evaluate the implemented actions.

Last modified: August 30, 2023

Source: PAHO

Year of Publication: 2021