Social and Behavior Change Flow Chart

The Social and Behavior Change (SBC) Flow Chart is a new process used to develop effective SBC activities.

The Flow Chart process actively and meaningfully engages end-users and stakeholders from start to finish, ensuring true co-creation. It harnesses the Breakthrough ACTION consortium partner disciplines (i.e., design, behavioral science, community engagement, market research, and communication) into a new hybrid process that has its roots in the P Process, the human-centered design and behavioral economics design processes, and the Community Action Cycle.

The three phases—Define, Design & Test, and Apply—offer project managers a process to more deeply explore and understand context, formulate insights that uncover new truths, build new designs with community members, and test and iterate on locally made designs. Real-time monitoring is the key to ensuring designs are implemented at scale with intended results. Borrowing heavily from human-centered design principles, the SBC Flow Chart requires users to adopt a beginner’s mind to identify new insights to solve sticky public health problems.

Last modified: May 4, 2021

Language: English