Training on Effective Communication and Facilitation Skills

The training guidance was prepared for the staff of ADRA Yemen who use it to train community health volunteers (CHV), hygiene volunteers, agriculture extension workers and other people who promote ADRA’s priority behaviors. It is based on the very useful Make Me a Change Agent guide, its recent update Make Me a Change Agent: An SBC Resource for WASH, Agriculture and Livelihoods Activities, the consultant’s SBC experience and pre-testing conducted in Yemen.

The main motivation for preparing this shorter and simplified guidance was to make using the Make Me a Change Agent lessons easier and less time-consuming (i.e. addressing the main ‘barriers’ to their usage).

It intends to ensure that people who promote the desired behaviors, such as community health volunteers or agricultural extension workers:

  • Understand the importance of effective communication
  • Know what makes a behavior change communication effective
  • Can effectively use the key communication and facilitation techniques
  • Know how to use the Negotiated Behavior Change approach
  • Can effectively conduct home visits / individual counselling
  • Can effectively facilitate group sessions
  • Know how to effectively use ADRA’s SBC materials

Last modified: January 20, 2021

Language: English