Zoonotic Behavioral Research Assessments (ZBRA) Web-Based Toolkit

The concept of One Health reflects the reality that human, animal, and environmental health are all interrelated. Human behavior is a key factor in spillover events, when a disease jumps from animals to humans, as well as person-to-person transmission.

The Zoonotic Behavioral Research Assessments (ZBRA) is a web-based toolkit that contains:

  • An overview of fourteen (and counting) zoonotic diseases with epidemic potential
  • A table linking diseases to specific behaviors that protect or create risks for the diseases
  • Research questions that have been used to explore behavioral determinants in a variety of settings
  • A summary of research themes and reports from Breakthrough ACTION countries on One Health topics
  • Pages for several countries involved in Global Health Security activities

The toolkit is also available in French.

Last modified: March 28, 2023

Language: English, French

Source: Johns Hopkins Center For Communication Programs

Year of Publication: 2023