Children's and Caretakers' Animation Series on COVID-19

Save the Children

The COVID-19 response under Breakthrough ACTION Cambodia includes a six-episode children's and caretakers' animated series aimed at disseminating key COVID-19 messages focused on key behaviors (e.g., handwashing, self-isolation) and prevention of COVID-19.

This was developed in coordination with UNICEF and approved by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS). This first episode aired in May 2020 and was shared through the Facebook pages of the MoEYS, UNICEF and Save the Children, and broadcasted on several  local TV channels. It is available in Khmer and sign language. 

The series is available on Facebook and YouTube.

Episode 1 - children learn about hygiene and staying home

Episode 2 - children learn about preventing the spread of COVID-19 through social distancing

Episode 3 - children learn not to discriminate against individuals with COVID-19

Episode 4 - children learn about coping with stress and maintaining social connections during the COVID-19 pandemic

Episode 5 - children learn about distance learning during the COVID-19 pandemic

Episode 6 - children learn about communicating facts, rather than misinformation, about preventing the spread of COVID-19.