Project Example

Go Nisha Go

Go Nisha Go is the Game of Choice not Chance first mobile game co-created with adolescent girls, ages 15-19, in Hindi-speaking regions in India. It is designed to increase girls’ reproductive health knowledge and decision-making confidence, thus empowering them to make informed choices, develop strong voices, and become better equipped to realize their full potential.

The game was designed through co-design approaches and formative research and it has a focus on reproductive health topics such as menstruation, fertility awareness, contraception, consent, prioritizing education/careers, and delaying marriage. Its content is based on the themes identified through the co-design research with girls. These themes include identity, ambition, safety, self-image, relationships, and technology access. Funded by USAID and powered by Howard Delafield International, the game integrates direct-to-consumer resources, products, and services for adolescent girls.

Source: Howard Delafield International

Date of Publication: October 19, 2023