Community Communication MNCH e-Manual: Participatory Health Promotion Sessions

This manual was developed for master trainers to train trainers who in turn train field implementers—health workers, health assistants, CBO health promoters and non-literate as well as literate community volunteers—to lead facility and community-based health promotion sessions.

The Community Communication Job Aids serve as supports for literate field implementers. Detailed instructions for participatory activities using innovative Community Communication tools are organized into health promotion sessions within chapters covering core health topics—maternal, newborn, child and family care. Users can choose to adopt specific activities or sessions for integration into existing health promotion interventions or adopt the entire Community Communication intervention.

The Community Communication tools are rote learning tools designed for groups of people to practice together so that they own key health decision-making information. They include innovative SAY & DO activities, narrated mimes, food for thought demonstrations, standard health demonstrations and health songs with repetitive messages like “Old MacDonald Had a Farm”.

The e-manual is envisioned as an evolving “open source” document available to all in its present version as well as in future versions with new health topics and up-dated health information. The e-Manual activities were gathered during many field experiences over the years and refined and incorporated into the current version.

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Last modified: March 25, 2019

Language: English