Respectful Maternity Care Charter: Universal Rights of Women and Newborns

This updated charter further clarifies and clearly articulates the rights of women and newborns in the context of maternity care provided within a healthcare facility. It specifically delineates how human rights are implicated in the context of pregnancy and childbirth and affirms the basic inalienable rights of women and newborns. Many of these rights are well established in international law and have been interpreted and applied to issues arising during pregnancy, childbirth, and the care provided immediately after birth. These rights are articulated in separate human rights conventions and to affirm their application in the context of pregnancy and childbirth, it is important to compile them in one document that focuses on this period.

The social media toolkit for the promotion of the updated Respectful Maternity Care Charter can be foundĀ here.

Last modified: February 19, 2024

Language: English

Source: Healthy Newborn Network

Year of Publication: 2019