Creating Mobile Health Solutions for Behaviour Change: A Study of Eight Services in the mNutrition Initiative Portfolio

This report presents key findings from the implementation of the GSMA mNutrition Initiative, including service design lessons, and presents nutrition behavior change outcomes achieved throughout the program. This implementation took place in eight countries: Malawi, Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia, Uganda, and Mozambique.

Key findings include:

  • Adopting a HCD approach to product development and optimization led to increased user engagement
  • mHealth service users demonstrated improved nutrition behaviors over non-users across all implementing markets
  • mHealth services resulted in an average improvement of 12 percentage points in overall nutrition knowledge among users across all eight markets
  • Mobile information services improve knowledge, even when existing knowledge around certain nutrition topics is reasonably high.
  • Mobile information services have a stronger impact with poorly understood concepts
  • Repetition of messages about key health practices reinforces the behavior
  • It is important to engage governments early in the project

Last modified: December 17, 2019

Language: English