IndiKit was developed by the Czech INGO People in Need (PIN). It aims to make M&E of relief and development interventions easier and better by helping humanitarian and development workers to use well-formulated project indicators. It also helps them to correctly collect and analyze the data required for each indicator.

IndiKit does not intend to cover an exhaustive list of indicators – its primary focus is on those indicators whose use requires more detailed guidance. IndiKit’s content is aligned to existing sector standards and has been reviewed by M&E and technical specialists from the non-government organizations, Global Clusters, UN agencies and universities. The developers note that the proposed guidance cannot be valid in all contexts.

The IndiKit site explains that their team understands that since different organizations address different challenges, they want their M&E tools to be fully adjusted to their needs. IndiKit therefore offers all organizations the possibility to have their own, fully customized version of IndiKit (see an example). Through an easy-to-use admin system, organizations can decide which sectors and indicators are displayed, set how indicators can be filtered, adjust the indicator guidance, upload their own resources, etc.

Last modified: December 2, 2021

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